The J&J vaccine


James T. Kirk: With most softer grips a shorter piece of tape and the solvent create enough "ooze" to make the grip slide on. The adhesive from the tape kind of "squeegies" on down the shaft. I've had some harder, less stretchy grips, hang up on occasion. Jan 5, 2022 11:53:22 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: You should have no problem getting a tee time today garak and there shouldn't be anyone in front of you. Jan 7, 2022 7:41:14 GMT -6
garak: LOL. I am on Metro Parks email list. Got an email from Seneca yesterday that they would be closed today. Bunch of wussies. Jan 7, 2022 11:53:05 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: That doesn't sound like the Kevin Greenwell I know. I'm surprised he didn't have a snowball scramble or some other promotion going on. He's a go-getter. Jan 7, 2022 12:55:19 GMT -6
garak: The email said that they would be open tomorrow. Jan 7, 2022 13:29:25 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: I believe it. On another matter of more importance, the three defendants from the Ahmaud Arbery murder case are going to be sentenced in about 15 minutes. Jan 7, 2022 13:32:54 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: Father and son (McMichaels) sentenced to life without the possibility of parole + 20 years. Mr. Bryan sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after 30 years. So says the Court. Jan 7, 2022 14:09:35 GMT -6 *
garak: Amen! Jan 7, 2022 14:43:31 GMT -6
lowell: The verdict and this sentence are welcome news. They discourage those who would play the roles of policeman, judge, and executioner after presuming guilt. Jan 7, 2022 15:39:36 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: Maybe some will think twice. We'll see. Jan 7, 2022 16:44:00 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: Garak, are you doing okay? You've been even more quiet than lowell and I. Hope you're in a warm sunny place down south hitting golf balls. Of course it doesn't sound like the south has been all that warm and sunny. Jan 18, 2022 16:41:47 GMT -6
garak: Hello Kirk. All is well here, just been involved with other things. Going to Florida the last week of February for my annual golf trip. The tee times are set. Seven rounds at six different courses. May do 36 once or twice. Jan 19, 2022 5:14:09 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: Spring can't get here too soon. Jan 19, 2022 17:19:03 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: I was looking at one of Belle's forums and she's reporting she has Covid-related pneumonia and was being admitted to the hospital a short time ago. I'm keeping her in my prayers. She seems like a good lady. Jan 19, 2022 17:29:14 GMT -6
lowell: My gal and I use licorice we buy at a local herb store. It probably isn't as potent as Chinese licorice (Glycirrhiza Uralensis). I suppose it is the European variant of licorice (Glycirrhiza Glabra). Even so it works well at halting the symptoms. Jan 20, 2022 16:20:54 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: What form does you licorice come in? How much and how often do you use it? Jan 20, 2022 18:19:44 GMT -6
lowell: It is chopped up roots. I buy an ounce or two. I use about as much as I would use to make coffee, considering quantity and weight. An ounce lasts through more than a few cups of tea. An ounce costs less than $5. I only use it for symptoms of covid. Jan 20, 2022 21:59:39 GMT -6 *
lowell: The symptoms are gone in an hour. My gal says she was told by the herb store that one cup every hour until the symptoms are gone is standard. Using it every day for more than 2 weeks would result in high blood pressure and inability for the blood to clot. Jan 20, 2022 22:03:01 GMT -6
lowell: We give it to friends who come down with covid symptoms and tell them about the herb store. They all have seen effectiveness of it as well. Now it is often not available at the store. I have some growing (7 and a half years now) I may dig it up. Jan 20, 2022 22:05:48 GMT -6 *
James T. Kirk: You might want to order some of those free covid tests so you would know whether you actually have it before you waste your licorice supply. Jan 21, 2022 3:41:40 GMT -6