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lowell: I have dealt with most of the drain problems for my house. The neighbors willow tree grew into the old tile. Someone had dug up the original installation where it makes the turn after exiting the basement and threw a large rock into the tile. Nov 26, 2021 16:12:31 GMT -6
lowell: I replaced the tile with black ABS pipe down past the corner of the house and joined it to the tile at that point with rubber sleeves and stainless hose clamps that are big enough for the tile. Nov 26, 2021 16:15:18 GMT -6
lowell: I had to dig it all up again a few years later because lilacs from the neighbor had grown into the disturbed tile joints just past where I had done the connection. The kitchen sink drained into old metal pipes from the 1910's. Nov 26, 2021 16:17:13 GMT -6
lowell: Those old metal pipes, under the basement floor included a basement drain and joined into the main line at about the spot where the lilacs grew into it. The metal pipes had corroded through and a snake found clay clogging them. Nov 26, 2021 16:18:58 GMT -6
lowell: So I rented a jack hammer and a concrete saw and replaced the drain and the metal pipes and once again dug about 7 feet deep to replace the tile that joined in with my previous repair. It has been trouble free since then. Nov 26, 2021 16:21:07 GMT -6
lowell: I have metal screens that are made for the kitchen sink that catch the larger chunks. Most people have garbage disposals that grind up the stuff my screens catch, but the plumber at the hardware store says those don't prevent clogs all that well. Nov 26, 2021 16:24:55 GMT -6
lowell: I think my gal pours cooking oil down the sink drain. I need to gently try to discourage that. Nov 26, 2021 16:25:44 GMT -6 *
James T. Kirk: Other than the few feet of metal drain pipes from the sinks, tub and toilet we're heavy duty PCV all the way to the sewers that run under the street. I have a couple of cleanout access points and backflow flappers to prevent any backup problems. Nov 26, 2021 17:50:32 GMT -6 *
James T. Kirk: Yeah, cooking oil in the sink is a definite no-no in my house. I keep a spare jug for used cooking oils and it goes out with the trash when it's full. I also use paper towel to wipe as much oil out of the skillet as I can before washing it. Nov 26, 2021 17:55:00 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: We've also got a Ninja Foodie with an air-fryer feature that eliminates a lot of frying. It makes great tator-tots and fries. I use the pressure cooker feature for chicken and then about 10 minutes of air-fryer time, with no need for oil. Nov 26, 2021 17:59:10 GMT -6 *
lowell: That Ninja Foodie sounds like a kitchen appliance I could like. Nov 27, 2021 15:50:25 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: We like ours. There are older models and newer ones with various features. Hopefully this link will work. It looks like the 5 quart model we have. Nov 28, 2021 6:34:50 GMT -6
lowell: I found one at Costco for $120. Thanks. Nov 28, 2021 19:55:56 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: One thing I'll tell you is we usually add a 2-3 extra minutes to the cooking time they recommend on most things. We've experimented with it and personalized some of the recipes to our liking. Nov 29, 2021 3:42:54 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: It's been over two months since I had Covid, so I got my booster this morning. I'm experiencing some slight chills and it feels like Mike Tyson frogged me in the left arm. I've never had a reaction like this to a shot. It will pass. Nov 29, 2021 12:40:09 GMT -6
lowell: My gal I had similar reactions. I recommend taking it easy for at least a week, maybe two. Nov 29, 2021 12:44:47 GMT -6
garak: I had no problems with my Moderna half dose booster. My wife got a full dose Moderna booster before it was “approved” for that purpose on the recommendation of her doctor due to a medical condition. She was sick for a day. Nov 29, 2021 15:37:59 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: I don't feel ill or anything like that. I just can't raise my arm above shoulder level. I think the "chills" were because my wife turned down the furnace unknown to me. She still has occasional hot flashes and will freeze me out when she does. I have a ... Nov 29, 2021 17:35:41 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: ...hard time taking things easy, but I won't be doing anything involving my left arm for a few days. Nov 29, 2021 17:36:34 GMT -6
lowell: My gal likes it cold in the house too. One of her ex hubbys said it was "cold enough to hang meat" in the living room. I wear my long underwear in the house and sometimes I put on a coat in the house. It will be cold here until May. Nov 29, 2021 22:29:51 GMT -6