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James T. Kirk: Belle, the one bit of truth you were told is that you don't know the history. If you did you would understand why I don't post where they are any longer. You won't be "attacked" here because you act like a grown woman. We're called squatters because they.. Sept 14, 2021 2:09:54 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: ..want us to respond in kind so they can come here and justify it by claiming we attacked them. It's part of that history. I invite you to search here or any board they've had and find where either were the victim of an unprovoked attack. They don't... Sept 14, 2021 2:10:07 GMT -6 *
James T. Kirk: not being in control. I got tired of the childish behavior and made the choice to not post on their forums and they can't stand it. The recent comments on that other board are an example of that need for attention. I do look at their forums on.. Sept 14, 2021 2:18:09 GMT -6 *
James T. Kirk: ..occasion because there are a few nice people there, like you, who aren't lackeys or sock puppets of the administrators. I'm content with posting here when I have something to say and not wasting time on pointless nonsense. Sept 14, 2021 2:25:12 GMT -6 *
lowell: On my way to the cemetery today, I saw a mother deer and two fawns near the freeway. It seems they found greener pastures. That cheered me up. None of them were limping though they were moving along quickly. Sept 14, 2021 2:27:50 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: They spook very easily and leave in a hurry. I like how their tails stick straight up in the air when they run. The ones I saw Saturday stopped about 75 yards away and watched me until I went back inside. They came back up the hill when they felt safe. Sept 14, 2021 2:32:19 GMT -6
garak: I saw 10-12 deer yesterday at Eagle Creek. Occasionally we see wild turkeys as well. Sept 14, 2021 5:48:39 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: Shot 44-42 today at Maywood. I had so many tap in pars that could have been birdies, but no complaints. We did see one doe on the course. I see lots of turkeys at the lake at certain times of the year. I've see as many as 20 in the front yard at one time. Sept 14, 2021 14:30:11 GMT -6 *
Belle: There's not much better eating than wild turkey! yum, yum!! Sept 14, 2021 16:39:54 GMT -6
Belle: The one small deer is still coming by just about every day here. I still haven't seen it's mother. I'm not against hunting for food, but it takes a horrible person to kill a mama with a small one. This one's barely old enough to fend for it's self. Sept 14, 2021 16:42:16 GMT -6 *
Belle: I just hope it can make it through the winter by it's self. :( Sept 14, 2021 16:44:02 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: Hopefully it will meet up with some others. Whitetail deer will sometimes adopt an orphaned fawn. Sept 15, 2021 15:38:28 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: Belle opined "There's not much better eating than wild turkey! yum, yum!!" Or better yet, drinking Wild Turkey Kentucky bourbon whiskey, made near here in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. But then you could have both. Sept 15, 2021 16:46:44 GMT -6
garak: Packed, car loaded, pulling out at 5:30 in the morning. Pick up two guys and on the road. Sept 16, 2021 14:37:25 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: Have a safe trip. Sept 16, 2021 15:09:36 GMT -6
garak: Had my third hole in one today. 130 yard 8 iron. Sept 20, 2021 18:07:19 GMT -6
lowell: "Canada's Trudeau narrowly wins third term as PM"

Sept 21, 2021 2:39:28 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: Congrats garak. I've had one but it's been a while. It was hole #8 at Long Run. It was playing about 135. I hit pitching wedge to about 18 inches behind the hole and came in the back side of the cup. I've come close a few other times. I hit one 1/2 in to.. Sept 21, 2021 13:53:28 GMT -6
James T. Kirk: ..the right side of the cup on #8 at Shawnee. It went far enough to drop, but I needed to be about an inch to the left. Easy par though. lol Sept 21, 2021 13:53:51 GMT -6 *
James T. Kirk: Well Trudeau has won two more than Tramp, plus Melania seems quite fond of him from the pictures I've seen. Sept 21, 2021 13:56:54 GMT -6